Andrew Brinker  πŸ‘¨ + πŸ’»

I’m interested in exploring the intersection between security and programming language theory.

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Don’t Get Hacked

A weekly security podcast for devs and engineers. Co‑hosted with William Elder and Manuel Del Rio.

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Suspect Semantics

A blog on programming, type theory, Rust, Haskell, and whatever else.

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An opinionated static site generator, soon to be used for all my sites.

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Parsing with derivatives in Rust. Parses context-free languages in O(n3) time.

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Stress-Free Manifesto

Proclaim a stress-free environment in your open source project.

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An embedded R7RS Scheme for Rust, implemented in Rust.

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And many more…

There are many more projects to see on my Github account.

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“Toward consistent cell segmentation: quality assessment of cell segments via appearance and geometry features”

Presented at SPIE Medical Imaging 2015

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“Developing an Efficient Algorithm for Nimber Calculation in Dots and Boxes”

Presented at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research 2013

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“A Tale of Teaching Rust”

Speaking at RustConf 2017. A talk about real-world experience teaching Rust.

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“Docs in the Rust Ecosystem”

Spoken at Rust Belt Rust 2016. A talk about the state of docs in the Rust world.

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Intro to Programming Languages

CSE 320 in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at CSU San Bernardino. Covered Racket, Haskell, Rust, Java, and Prolog in 10 weeks.

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Programming in Modern C

A friend asked me to put together a class on programming in C. It’ll focus on C as it really is, including regular coverage of undefined behavior pitfalls.

Expect the materials online soon!